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NEW CSF DRUM PUMPS (Air Operated Piston Pumps)

Alliance Fluid Handling are the UK Distributor of CSF Inox Drum Pumps. (Air operated Piston Pumps).

Many processors face challenges in pumping low and high viscosity products such as Fruit Purees from Drums and Barrels. CSF have developed a wide range of Air operated Piston pumps to work effectivley in this application, including the scraping plate design to suck the entire contents of a barrel without leaving any residue.

Short Version Piston Pump

The CSF short design Piston Pump normally comes with scraping plate for emptying barrels and drums without leaving residue. This unit works via a PLC control and allows the operator to empty a complete barrel of product in less than 3 minutes. Typical applications are emptying barrels of high viscosity puree and fruit pulps. The Short verison is also available wihtout scrape plate and with mobile trolley so it can drop into any other design of tank to empty it of it’s contents.

Long Version Piston Pump

The long version is an alternative to the scraper plate design, where the piston assembly is dropped into the bottom of a barrel, drum, IBC or tank. It is available with trolley, or can be mounted to an overhead winch or a wall bracket.

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