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New Valves


Alliance Fluid Handling are an independent supplier of hygienic process valves from all of the major worldwide manufacturers including SPX, APV, Alfa Laval Valves, GEA Tuchenhagen, Bardiani, Aseptomag, Inxopa,  Tassalini, Eurobinox, Definox, Sudmo & Nocado.

We also offer a range of non-hygienic valves for applications in steam, water and chemical.

Butterfly Valves

Alliance offer a wide range of manual and fully Automatic Butterfly valves to suit any product and temperature. We offer a wide range of butterfly valves from the major OEM’s including; Bardiani, APV/SPX, Alfa Laval, GEA Tuchenhagen, Inoxpa and Definox.

Single Seat Valves

Hygienic Single seat valves are available for stopping or diverting flow in single or multi-directional systems. Alliance offer you the choice between some of leading OEM’s including; Bardiani, SPX, Alfa Laval Valves, GEA Tuchenhagen and Eurobinox.

Mixproof Valves

Various makes and models of Mix-proof valves are available for processing two products through one valve. We recommend Bardiani and SPX Mix-proof DA3 Valves, SPX DE3 Mix-proof Valves, Alfa Laval Unique Valves and GEA valves as a perfect solution for these applications.

Regulating Valves

Alliance offer a wide range of hygienic regulating valves to achieve exact flow control and pressure.

Aseptic Valves

For ultra-hygienic applications we offer a range of Aseptic valves from some of the world leading manufacturers.

Constant Pressure Valves (CPM)

Typically used in pasteurisation to maintain a constant pressure of product, the Alfa Laval Valve range of CPM valves are a popular choice.

Non-Return Valves

A safe and reliable valve specifically designed for preventing the reverse flow of fluids in sanitary applications.

Pressure Relief Valves

Used for many applications, Alliance offer a range of pressure relief valves to protect processing equipment from over pressurising.

Steam & Water Applications

We offer a wide range of non-hygienic valves such as Ball Valves, Safety Valves, Steam Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Globe Valves, Process Water Control Valves and many more.

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