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New Filling & Capping Machines

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Filling, Capping, Rinsing and Packaging Solutions

Alliance are suppliers of new Rotary and Linear Filling & Capping Equipment to carry out filling operations for all kinds of products including; Carbonated and Non-carbonated, Alcoholic, Dairy, Soft Drinks and Liquids. From one off Single Machines to complete Filling and Bottling lines Alliance can offer the right tailor made solution for you.

Complete Bottling Lines

Alliance supply filling lines for Beverages and Non-Carbonated Drinks and install complete turn-key bottling plants. With the use of experienced and knowledgeable engineers with over 30 years manufacturing experience, we successfully set up all varieties of bottling plants to provide ideal solutions at high efficiency levels. The company privileges quality and customer satisfaction in all circumstances and has been offering bottling lines in capacities ranging from 2,000 to 48,000 bottles per hour for many years..

Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machines

Brand new Bespoke Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machines are available by using different methods and technologies for the filling  of each type of liquid. Machines available include;

  • Megablock – Pressurised Filling (Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Products)
  • Can Filler and Seamer – Carbonated Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, Energy Drinks, Beer
  • Flowmatic – Filling Machine with Electronic Flowmeters (Non-Carbonated Drinks such as Still Water, Fruit Juice, Milk, Yoghurt Drink)
  • Megahot – Hot Filling Machine for Fruit Juice
    Megastil – Vacuum Filler with Level Principle for Non-Carbonated Liquids and Drinks
    Megacell – Net Weight Filler for Edible Oil and Valuable Products
    Megavol – Volumetric Piston Filler for Viscous Liquids

COMBIMATIC – Integrated Blowing and Filling Machines

High technology non-stop filling and capping machines that are integrated with blowing units manufacturing PET bottles from pre-forms has been developed to bottle various type of products. These include; Carbonated and Non-Carbonated drinks, Edible Oi & Dairy Products etc.With different options available the Combimatic can reach capacities from 12,000 bottles/hour to 36,000 bottle/hour.

In addition, Combimatic models are available for 5-10 ltr water bottling lines as well with a speed range of 4,000 to 8,000 bottles/hour.

The advantages of the Combimatic are less energy consumption, less footprint space compared to classical systems, no need for conveyors between blowing and filling groups and rinsing group before filling and provides better hygienic conditions.

MEGAMIX Mixer and Carbonator Offers the Following Advantages:

  • Latest technology in mixing processes
  • Best product quality and almost constant brix
  • Carbonation up to 18°C product temperature
  • Higher flexibility of proportioning ratio from 1/3 to 1/7)
  • No condensation on containers after filling due to ambient filling
  • Less cooling load enabling less investment for refrigeration compressor and energy saving up to 50%
  • Less syrup and product loss
  • Lower CO2 loss
  • Connection for sterile air/inert gas in order to be able to produce also non-carbonated soft drinks
  • Control of parameters from the panel during operation Minimized set-up time for product changes

More Available

  • Labelling
  • Pasteurising and Cooling Tunnels
  • Carton Packing and Uncasing Machines
  • Palletising and De-Palletising Machines
  • Conveyor Systems
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