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Code: AFH1074


– Manufacturer – APV Gaulin Homogeniser

Type – MC18 2TPS / 2TBS / 2.5 TPS / 2.5TBS / 3TPS / 3TBS / 5TPS / 5TBS / 8TPS / 8TBS

Capacity – 2,500 l/hour – 11,000 l/hour (subject to pressure)

Pressures – Up to 3000 PSI / 5000 PSI / 8000 PSI

Homogenising Assembly – Single or twin-stage manual or HVA

Valve type – Poppet or Ball (for aggressive products)

Dimensions – 1650 mm length x 1150 mm high x 1200 mm width

Weight – 2500 kilos


Here at our workshop in Doncaster, we offer various options to meet all of our customers budgets, these options include;
Machine in an “as is” condition – Complete machine with no guarantees / warranty. Serviced – A complete health check of the machine, replacement of seals / gaskets, new oil filter, new oil, check of the motor, paint or polish of the machine, test run on water prior to delivery. Fully Reconditioned – A complete rebuild of the machine including; Full strip down and re-working of all components, replacement of defective parts, new seals and gaskets, new oil filter, a unique “Aqua” blast to bring all st/st parts back to new, recondition and paint drive motor, new pulleys & belts to suit the required duty, clean of engine and replacement of oil, full paint of the internal and external surfaces when cast iron or a complete polish of st/st guards, install a pressure cut-out switch and test run prior to delivery. These reconditioned machines can also be supplied with a brand new cylinder block should this be preferred.

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