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NEW Homogeniser Cylinder Blocks

Code: AFH1817

APV Manton Gaulin / Gaulin

K3 3PS / 3BS
K3 5PS / 5BS
K3 8BS

K6 3PS / 3BS
K6 5PS / 5BS

K12 3PS / 3BS
K12 5PS / 5BS

K24 3PS / 3BS
K24 5PS / 5BS

MC18 3TPS / 3TBS
MC18 5TPS / 5TBS
MC18 8TPS / 8TBS

MC45 3TPS / 3TBS
MC45 5TPS / 5TBS
MC45 8TPS / 8TBS


Brand new Homogeniser Cylibder Blocks available for delivery within 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Blocks to suit a wide range of APV Gaulin Machines including;
Rannie and more modern Gaulin blocks also available.  

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