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SOMA Sinus Sodial Pump

Code: AFH1887

SOMA Sinus Sodial Pumps

Alliance Fluid Handling are UK agents from SOMA Sinus Sodial Pumps. SOMA GMBH pumps are manufactured by the original inventors of MASOSINE which is now owned by Watson-Marlow. The Sinecurve pump is ideal for pumping high viscosity products and those that contain solids as they have the ability to handle the product gently, unlike any other pump on the market. Typical applications would be Fruit Pieces, Juice Concentrate, Clotted Cream, Effluent, Cheese, Yoghurt, Bakery and Confectionery.

New development of SOMA Pumps

SOMA introduce the first monobloc-SOMA SINUS SODIAL-pump on the world market….

With the SCN-D series of the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP, SOMA PUMPS GmbH was the first to launch a new development on the market. The further development of the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP as a monobloc version does not require a bearing block, coupling and a complex base plate. In this version, the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP is therefore flanged directly to the drive.

This version is available in various sizes up to 40,000 l/h with a maximum counter pressure of 10 bar. A big advantage is that all wear parts of the pump are identical to the 15 bar version with bearing block. This means – no separate storage for the wear parts – 100% interchangeability between the variant with separate coupling and the directly flanged variant.

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