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Holding Times


We provide a non-intrusive Holding Time test validation of food and drink processing plants. Maintenance support contracts are available with 24/7 cover, 365 days per year.


Using a series of external probes attached to the pipework, the Holding Time is calculated during production and therefore eliminates downtime. The system works through conductivity, monitoring temperature increase from the beginning to the end of the Holding Tube. Unlike the outdated Pico logger, our system automatically records the results as opposed to the technician having to look through a long list of temperatures, eliminating the possibility of operator error.

Benefits of our Holding Time Test

  • Holding Times checked within 5 minutes
  • Non-intrusive, eliminating downtime
  • No requirement for saline solution
  • Automatic results, eliminating operator error
  • High Levels of Accuracy with the latest technology

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