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Tank Testing


We specialise in non-destructive testing of stainless steel Process Tanks, Vessels and Spray Dryers. Maintenance support contracts are available with 24/7 cover, 365 days per year.


Our latest system (Magnerscan 2) is the upgraded version of Magnerscan 1 which has been used for locating defects in stainless steel food & drink production vessels for over 15 years. This tried and tested technology eliminates the possibility of operator error by automatically detecting defects as it scans the vessels walls. Other methods such as dye-penetrant rely on the operator to find the defect, which if undetected could result in a product contamination. The Magnerscan 2 system also has the ability to identify the exact length and depth of a defect, therefore reducing the need for welding where the defect may only be a minor scratch (reduces stress on the vessel walls). Should there be any defects present our service technicians advise the customer and work with the welder to carry out repairs. Alliance are able to offer weld repairs should this be required.

Benefits of our Magnerscan 2 System are as follows;

  • Tanks tested within 20 minutes (less downtime)
  • No unnecessary welding or stress to the tanks
  • No requirement for dye-penetrant, reducing effluent costs
  • No possibility of dye being rinsed out of defects, possibly missing them
  • Mag 2 eliminates operator error
  • High Levels of Accuracy with exact length and depth indicated
  • Product residue does not hinder Mag 2, unlike dye-penetrant
  • No power source is required for Mag 2

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